Monday, May 6, 2013

Opening Today: 't Filmhuis producing Nin9

Rachelle Raviprakash + Marx Catteneo @ Felice Prison

Second Life attracts RL photographers and video maker too. One of them is Marx Catteneo (Marc Cuppens RL). Did you ever wish to see a film making in progress. here you have the chance. 't Filmhuis is opening his doors for the public to see the breathtaking urban scene, built by Rachelle Raviprakash and with a bit of luck the actors playing.

Nin9 - The Plot:

A dark and mysterious 9-episode web-series playing in an alternative reality, this machinima web series will be experimental in it's visual and auditive form, it  will be a very dark and disturbing series, a psychological thriller (influences Se7en, Twin Peaks, Hitchcock, Basic Instinct, European Graphic Novels)
Nin9 will be a murder mystery aiming at an adult audience (it's not porn but there will be nudity and violence). European graphic novels have a long tradition in this kind of adult genre and many of them are on the edge of art and entertainment (Moebius, Enki Bilal, Jacques Tardi, Schuiten&Peeters).

Felice, Michigan October 5th 2000
Francis Maddox, lieutenant and head of the homicide division at FPD, comes across a very nasty Neko murder.  It has all signs of a serial killer's first victim. The crime scene brings back traumatic events from Francis' past. The investigations will lead him into the seductive world of neko strippers. Will he be able to withstand the charms of Layla? Is she just a colleague of the first victim, is she involved herself, or is she next on the killer's list?
Keep an eye out for episodes of Nin9 as the city of Felice unveils it's darkest side.  The series' release will start in the spring of 2013.

Artist Statement Marc Cuppens (SL name Marx Catteneo):

RL photographer since the early 80's and videographer since the early 90's, came in SL in 2007, started machinima in 2009. My knowledge of RL photo- and video-equipment had me frustrated about the SL viewer interface, it had many super features but they were spread over menus and windows and even debug settings. It lacked a decent interface for the camera creatives so i made the "film menu" for Kirsten's viewer, which also happened to be the first TPV that was to bring us shadows.
Since then i moved on to Dolphin viewer which has a slightly modified version of my tweaks in it and i always update that to my own interface after installing a new version.
To have this personal UI greatly helps me during my shoots which are always in Enhanced Lighting, when using Depth of Field and local lights like one would do in real every shot needs it's own settings and i have written several Jira entries asking for certain improvements, there still are some on my wishlist but this is not the place and time to elaborate on that :).
After having done several smaller machinima projects i decided to go all the way in 2013, a machinima series for online release completely shot in SL and using the camera and storytelling techniques i've been practicing so long to make it stand out. I applied for a full sim at LEA to have a filmset available for months to shoot this production, now the week prior to the first recordings (wednesday 8 to 15 may) it will be open for SL public to check out. The city of Felice was built by rachelle Raviprakash (I can't thank her enough for the great work) and me.

Nin9 Official facebook page:

Marx Catteneo channel at Youtube:


Taxi: The sim is rated ADULT!

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