Friday, March 29, 2013

Today Live Concert @ Betty Tureaud's Art Planet

Art Planet is the name of Betty Tureaud's LEA sim as AIR. She already built 6 levels, more are to come. Please take the HUD at the landing spot. it will lead you to the destinations. One of the levels is a maze. From the note card:

"Welcome to Betty Tureaud's art maze!

Can you take the mouse test and find the cheese?

The maze is very big, so you easily get lost, if you do just TP back withe HUD.

 I made a easy way to get to the cheese, it is to take the colortrack by click the Help Path gizmo you see near the entrance.

 There is some free gift you can get if you went in to the center

 Have fun :)"

Betty Tureaud's Art Planet is proud to present a live performance of the French composer Ultraviolet Alter.

Today, 29/03-2013 at 2 PM SLT and 23 PM Paris time

It wouldn't be Betty Tureaud if there wouldn't be a litlle trick at the event. Before you go after Easter Eggs RL, you have to find the concert location in SL. A small hint: It is in the maze! Have fun!

Taxi: LEA20

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