Friday, November 16, 2012

Of Sound Mind - Opens Sat Nov 17th, 2PM LEA19

Of Sound Mind (LEA19)
Lorin Tone & Collaborators
OPENS Saturday Nov 17th, 2PM
With special performance by DRUM
 ~ Teleport ~

Turn it Up!

"Of Sound Mind is a collaborative build created with the intent to demonstrate how sound effects and music can be employed in SL and other virtual environments," says Lorin Tone.  "Our intent is this:  Make SL sound better.  Freebies, tips and fun are included if you bother to walk around the sim."

"There will be seminars with various noted music composers, machinima showings, live performances and other demonstrations which will not be unpleasant."

"We will open the sim with a party of course, and the SL performance group ~DRUM~ will attempt to challenge your speakers.  Join us.  When you land it'll be an adventure."  Find the "Live Performance Area" sign and tp to "Stage".

Turn it up.

Artists & Collaborators: Lorin Tone, Madcow Cosmos, Glyph Graves, P4ndor4 Quintessa, Meriadne Merlin, Inventor Alchemi, Marcus Parrott,
Mia Anais, Judi Newall, ~DRUM~ and a host of other great LEA folks.

♫~D R U M~♫
(Divine Rhythms of Universal Music)

DRUM will perform Saturday Nov 17th, 2PM at Of Sound Mind

DRUM's goal is to bring the world to you via the power of drumming. Our aim is to have fun and to create incredible, beautiful rhythms - live.

Right now our performances consists of 7 different drum cultures, Taiko (Japanese), Native American, African, Latin, Indian, Mallets, Pan Drums, Stomp Wall and a very special set of Rusty Drums. We are planning many new exciting sets for the near future!

Members of the DRUM group have collaborated to create the unique sounds, drums, and animations that enable us to perform. Our performances are live and are subtly different each time - they are not pre-recorded music. The sounds are created right within Second Life. We then send them out and back in via stream in order to provide you with a lag free experience! We hope you enjoy our performances as much as we enjoy providing them.

Brigitte Kungler - Director/Drummer
Kell Babenco - Drummer
Ladyslipper Constantine - Drummer
Lorin Tone - Drummer
DMom2K Darwin - Drummer/Equipment
aterebor Zenovka - Drummer/Sound Stream
Taralyn Gravois - Drummer

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