Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chat Log - 10am session: Roundtable: Purpose and Approach to Full Sim Art Exhibition

A big thank you to everyone that came and contributed their knowledge! We hope you find this information helpful. Please comment! Following this post is the 6pm session, be sure to read that one too.

Sasun Steinbeck: Before we get started, first a few ground rules. Please keep the conversations civil, polite, and ON TOPIC. I'll be slow to respond if you IM me.
Sasun Steinbeck: This session is TEXT ONLY since we want a web-based, searcheable chat log of this session for future reference.
Mikati Slade: hello!
Sasun Steinbeck: This is a panel/group discussion, so please feel free to chime in if you have some experience you'd like to share. Some of the info you hear today may be specific to the LEA Land Grants, but I'm sure the info discussed today will be valuable to anyone doing a large-scale exhibit anywhere in the future. Please give the panel members plenty of time to answer your question, and members of the audience may chime in if they have something to add.
Sasun Steinbeck: Just to give you some ideas on what topics are acceptable, anything concerning the challenges of creating a large-scale artistic exhibit is fair game, and here are a few ideas:
Apmel Ibbetson: will there be music?
Sasun Steinbeck: Permissions, groups, security, griefing, best land options/permissions, deeding, events, schedules, getting resources, collaborators, building issues, scripting, lag, curating, advertising.
Sasun Steinbeck: lol no :)
Sasun Steinbeck: So at this time I'd like to open the floor to questions, and to get the ball rolling I have the first question :)
Werner Kurosawa: Art?
Sasun Steinbeck: I'd like to hear the panel's thoughts on the issue of the view from one region to it's neighbors when you are buliding in an area that has other sims surrounding you, as many of the large events in the past have been. As you know the LEA Land Grant sims are not islands - all of them share at least 2, 3, or 4 neighbors on all sides. There seem to be two schools of thought around this - that really the only thing of importance is how the exhibit looks from *inside* the exhibit. The user teleports into a specific sim and is immersed in the environment created by that artist in that space. Perhaps phantom megaprim walls or a dome are in place to help the feeling of immersion in that environment. Visitors can easily find the various exhibits by using the LEA exhibit directory (at http://lindenarts.blogspot.com/p/lea-land-endowment-exhibits.html) or the exhibit tour HUD to get from one exhibit to another.
Sasun Steinbeck: The other school of thought is that neighboring regions should not be an "eyesore" with visible megaprim walls or land walls on their outside perimiter. This way, a region that does not hide the view of the neighbors will not suffer from an awful view. In addition, having an easily discoverable path or way to get from one region to another can help visitors discover the various regions simply by walking or flying from one to another and not require them to depend on the tour HUD or the exhibit directory to get from one to the other.
Sasun Steinbeck: In a way the answer may depend on how visitors prefer to get from one exhibit to another, and that data we just don't have, but I'd like to hear the panel's thoughts on this issue.
RAG Randt: I think we need more space between sims for sure
Harter Fall: yes
FreeWee Ling: I'd like to see at least some of the sims separated like into a checkerboard or something. Some installations are a severe drag on their neighbors.
Sasun Steinbeck: Yes that is a good point and we do plan on asking LL to move the sims into a checkerboard pattern next time
Werner Kurosawa: I prefer Other school --> respect the landscape and eachothers workHarter Fall: there is no way to build over simwide landscapes like the AM Radio ones
Sowa Mai: Imagine going in to a gallery where all the paintings were hung without frames and abutting each other
NicoleX Moonwall: hard to film ,so close
Sasun Steinbeck: good point, film and photography may be marred by ugly neighbors too
FreeWee Ling: I thing cooperation is good, but people need to plan their sims accordingly.
Solo Mornington: ugly neighbors? :-)
FreeWee Ling: Not ugly. Just incompatible..
Sasun Steinbeck: ugly being a very vague and undefined term! lol :)
Werner Kurosawa: what is ugly ?
NicoleX Moonwall: anything i don't like
RAG Randt: lol
Apmel Ibbetson: what´s the ugliest part of the body,,
Sasun Steinbeck: good point though, what's ugly may be fine to someone else
Werner Kurosawa: SL is 4096m high so there's space enough when you don't want to bother you're neighbour
nessuno Myoo: forse dovremmo imparare a sfruttare meglio gli spazi ampi in senso verticale, sfruttando ancora di più la possibilità di esporre su diversi livelli
nessuno Myoo: Perhaps we should learn to make better use of open spaces in the vertical direction, using even more opportunities to exhibit different levels of
Harter Fall: if someone wants to build a enclosed boy he can do that in the sky in my opinion. there are enough options with sculpted landscapes for that
FreeWee Ling: Let's not get into what people think is ugly. That could take all day..
Sasun Steinbeck: true, building in the sky is a good solution if you need a clear view.. in the current region arrangement
Harter Fall: box*
NicoleX Moonwall: it is like shooting in a condo
Apmel Ibbetson: some say your toes..some say your nose.. but according to Zappa it is you mind
Sowa Mai: to truly take advantage of all sl has to offer the sims need to be islands
Haveit Neox: If the idea of an exhibit is to purposely include surrounding sims, then that is good to incorporate your neighbors. But if you have a specific immersive plan, an island sim gives you the rare opportunity to fully develop the vision.
Werner Kurosawa: it's where the interactions between 2 sims start where it gets interesting so collaboration or communication would be nice
FreeWee Ling: Islands provide the most flexibility and freedom.
Sasun Steinbeck: Yes I think we've come to that conclusion Sowa and we'll see if we can do that next time. It may take some arm-twisting of LL to do all that work but it would solve a lot of problems.
NicoleX Moonwall: do the checker board,please
RAG Randt: argeed...
FreeWee Ling: I think it should be possible to have both.
Sasun Steinbeck: but today we are stuck with neighbors, so we need to make the best of it for the next 5-ish months
Solo Mornington: but for now..... we have the small continent. :-)
FreeWee Ling: I would like to see some reserved for large scale collaborative projects.
Mikati Slade: many artists are making big walls
Mikati Slade: around their sims
Werner Kurosawa: a 29 sim wide art landscape is so beautifull. Or at least it could be.
NicoleX Moonwall: why are we stuck with this
Haveit Neox: But it often resembles mainland instead. Since there is no unity of design.
Sowa Mai: art is not always beautiful
FreeWee Ling: It really is nice to be able to see the vast landscape, but the practical realities are difficult.
Sasun Steinbeck: I saw a reall neat example of some cooperation between two neighbor sims (don't recall the specifics) but there was a distinct path that led from one to the other, which I thought was a really nice touch, since both sims were designed to be explored via a distinct pathway winding around them
Harter Fall: there could be homestead regions, parklike between the artist sims
Solo Mornington: we could, in fact, work towards moving some sims, or rearranging.
Solo Mornington: but it woudl require a great deal of communication and cooperation. :-)
Sasun Steinbeck: true
Werner Kurosawa: or every artist has a zone of 64m around the sim where they can make the transition between sims
Sowa Mai: until there are islands It behooves the artist to realize their vision in context with the surroundings
Sasun Steinbeck: but it would be pretty cool, to me, if they were all actually designed to be interconnected. But on the other hand does that interfere with the artists' freedom?
nessuno Myoo: una comunione di visioni davvero notevole
nessuno Myoo: a community of remarkable visions
Werner Kurosawa: i like the interactions
Rod Mandel: Curation might be the simple answer
RAG Randt: LEA needs to decide what its main goal is: individual creation or group planning. very difficult to do both IMHO
Kicca Igaly: se l'interesse è comune dovrebbe essere semplice collaborare
Solo Mornington: yes, rag.
Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator it->en): if the interest is common should be easily collaborate
FreeWee Ling: I found debris the other day on a neighboring sim from my installation at UWA over a year ago. (I had a lot of explosions)..
nessuno Myoo: concordo con Rag
nessuno Myoo: I agree with Rag
Harter Fall: yes rag
Werner Kurosawa: Both
Sasun Steinbeck: true and since we didn't set a clear individual vs. cooperation vision/guidelines right up front, we are too late to really change course or dictate one or the other at this point, I think
Kicca Igaly: sì rag
Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator it->en): yes rag
Werner Kurosawa: let people who don't want to interact build higher up in their enclosed boxes
nessuno Myoo: spesso la libertà viene intesa come possibilità di fare quello che si vuole...e si corre il rischio di creare ancora più confusione ^^
nessuno Myoo: often freedom is understood as the ability to do what you want ... and you run the risk of creating even more confusion ^ ^
Mikati Slade: but honestly , i want to say that aritsts also have to try to think what is good for the environment
Mikati Slade: without making big walls
Werner Kurosawa: True +1
FreeWee Ling: I don't think we have to have an either-or. Why not some islands and some connected lands?
Werner Kurosawa: Yay
Kicca Igaly: vero Mikati
Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator sv->en): Vero Mikati
Sasun Steinbeck: in the interest of time I'd like to move on to another topic, do we hvae any questions from the audience? Or even the Panel :) here are some topic ideas again: Permissions, groups, security, griefing, best land options/permissions, deeding, events, schedules, getting resources, collaborators, building issues, scripting, lag, curating, advertising.
Mikati Slade: if the artist need to make big walls, then it mean the artowork is not so good one
Mikati Slade: as the design plan
Werner Kurosawa: LOL
Werner Kurosawa: +1
Solo Mornington: one idea we had was a sort of spiral design, with sims only connecting on two sides.
Harter Fall: teamwork is important for me. but i undestand also artists who want to build all free and without restrictions
Yman Juran: Sasaun perhaps my maps can be useful as illustrations
London Junkers: when creating an installation does the artist have the right to terraform the piece he is given?
RAG Randt: yes
Sasun Steinbeck: for the LEA exhibits, yes
nessuno Myoo: yes
Solo Mornington: for the land grants we can do RAW files, or the artist can terraform since they own the land on the sim.
London Junkers: ok tx
FreeWee Ling: They can teraform, but they need an officer to assist with terrain textures.
Sasun Steinbeck: I'd like to ask the panel what was the one biggest lesson they learned when they did their first big fill-sim exhibit?
Sasun Steinbeck: what's the best tip you can give full-sim exhibit noobs?
Kicca Igaly: nel momento che si ha a disposizione del terreno è importante potere gestire come c'è bisogno, nel rispetto di tutto
Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator it->en): when you have to lay of the land is important to be able to handle as the need arises, in respect of all
FreeWee Ling: Yes, Kicca. I think that has not been well explained to applicants that they do have to be respectful of their neighbors.
FreeWee Ling: Teraform ttransitions can be.. dramatic.
RAG Randt: yes border design was an important consideration
Sasun Steinbeck: anyone else? You must have some kind of lesson learned from your first big exhibit that would be valuable to pass on, please share :)
nessuno Myoo: di sicuro io e kicca abbiamo imparato che se si vuoel fare impazzire un avatar gli si deve dare delle scale che non portano a nulla.... :°))
nessuno Myoo: I certainly do and we have learned that if you Kicca vuoel wow you must give him an avatar of the stairs that lead nowhere .... : °))
Sowa Mai: don't try to use all the prims
Harter Fall: best tip from me with the actual region arrangement is to get in touch asap with your neighbors
RAG Randt: it was valuable to learn prim saving techniques, yes
Sasun Steinbeck: like what, RAG?
RAG Randt: like not making plants 40 prims each!
Haveit Neox: I would say, expect to be very flexible. There are always surprises that will cause you to alter some of your plans.
RAG Randt: use prim generator
Kicca Igaly: perchè no? sono opportunità fantastiche la disponibilità di tanti prims, se poi non si sfruttano tutti....
Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator it->en): why not? are fantastic opportunities the availability of so many prims, if we do not exploit all ....
Sasun Steinbeck: haha! or using megaprims where it makes sense?
FreeWee Ling: I think prims are not as much the issue as textures and scripts.
Sasun Steinbeck: can you go into more detail FreeWee?
NicoleX Moonwall: turn the lights off ,when finish
Harter Fall: yes, if you cant mahke sculpties to save prims atleast use a inworld sculptie tool like the "prim generator" to save prims
RAG Randt: sure, what ever you cans save so you can concentrate on your really prim intensive work
Haveit Neox: I try to save a couple thousand unused prims in hopes of cutting down on the visitors' lag.
Mikati Slade: for visitors and reguler ppl, prim counts are not so important
nessuno Myoo: il miglioro consciglio che posso dare ed è anche la migliore lezione che ho imparato è che occorre non essere troppo rigidi e che gran parte del lavoro uscirà fuori da solo senza averlo preventivamente ideato...
nessuno Myoo: I improve the consciglio and I can give is the best lesson I learned is that we must not be too rigid and that much of the work will come out by itself without having previously created ...
Mikati Slade: important is numbers of triangles
Mikati Slade: lag make that
Apmel Ibbetson: prims don´t cause lag..scripts and textures and avatars do
Mikati Slade: lag made by that
Mikati Slade: so, sculpted prim,, can save prims , yes
Mikati Slade: but it have many polygons
RAG Randt: what kind of triangles mikati?
Mikati Slade: so it will make lag anyway
Mikati Slade: polygons
Mikati Slade: geometry
FreeWee Ling: I found a vacant sim and rezzed 14K cubes. Had no appreciable impact on lag. But soon as I set them all to physical... heehee.
Yman Juran: octagons perhaps
Sasun Steinbeck: yeah I think there's going to be a certain level of unavoidable lag caused by visitors, not much you can do about that... though I have seen exhibits with signs or notecard givers that ask visitors to remove laggy attachments to reduce lag, that might be one possible strategy
Harter Fall: some neighbor sims also cause lag
Sasun Steinbeck: I wonder what the effects of all the mesh objects will be, has anyone ever seen a very large number of mesh objects in a region?
nessuno Myoo: sono curioso anche io ^^
nessuno Myoo: I'm curious too ^ ^
Mikati Slade: saving prim number is important, but i do not agree 100% with sculpted prim for examle
RAG Randt: a good general rule for public places is to cut down on attachments etc
Mikati Slade: because it will make many polygons
Solo Mornington: yah, claudia's beautiful Art Screamer build is mostly mesh, and my poor graphics card can hardly keep up.
FreeWee Ling: Yes Harter. If you're standing on a neighboring sim your sim's server has to be able to render all that stuff.
Harter Fall: i had atleast 1000 PE mesh and had no lag at all
Solo Mornington: there are different kinds of lag.
FreeWee Ling: When Oberon rezzed 15K scripted objects it pulled every sim within sight down to less than 5 FPS.
Harter Fall: yes
RAG Randt: oh solo? what kinds?
Sasun Steinbeck: It's very interesting, we had one exhibit that was causing sever lag problems but ONLY with newer viewers. The poor artist, happily building away on an older viewer, had ZERO lag and never noticed anything wrong until the neighbors complained.
Sasun Steinbeck: severe*
Solo Mornington: well like with oberon's piece, it was causing a lot of updates, which every viewer had to get
Mikati Slade: oberon created lag because he made a lot of geometory on the place
Solo Mornington: so that's network lag.
RAG Randt: ah
Mikati Slade: prim count != geometry
Sasun Steinbeck: yes that's the exhibit I meant, Oberons. There was no lag if you used an old viewer, so that was a very weird circumstance, Oberon had no idea.
Harter Fall: hmmm
Sasun Steinbeck: so lag can differ wildly between viewers, I guess!
Solo Mornington: if you turn on Show Updates, you can see all the updates, and thus network traffic you're causing for everyone. :-)
Sasun Steinbeck: maybe that means it's good to test your build on the latest LL viewer at a minimum
RAG Randt: cool solo..will do
Solo Mornington: shift-control-alt-U
FreeWee Ling: I doesn't really matter to the user where the lag is from. It's up to the artists to make their installations efficient. Texture lag and particles and omegas are all client side things that don't show as server lag.
RAG Randt: but i love my 1024 textures :PP
Sasun Steinbeck: Yeah using big huge textures when not necessary is a big source of lag when someone teleports in :)
FreeWee Ling: It's ok to use 1024 textures. Just not a bzillion of them.
Solo Mornington: but that's a one-time sort of lag. the texture then lives in the cache.
Mikati Slade: i have my rule to use 256px texture is max btw
Harter Fall: exactly
Sasun Steinbeck: I've seen so many objects with a thin edge textured with a 1024, it's just a bit sloppy when it's obviously not necessary
RAG Randt: actually i dont use them anymore
Sasun Steinbeck: but I think there is some lag that affects everyone when a new person teleports in, then they have to dowload all those huge textures and the network lag affects everyone, is that correct?
Haveit Neox: I stopped using 1024s when I got feedback from people that the textures weren't even rezzing for them.
FreeWee Ling: Sometimes you just need the resolution, like when you have a lot of text to render.
nessuno Myoo: si lo credo anche io Sasun
nessuno Myoo: I also believe you Sasun
Sasun Steinbeck: true, yes, they have their place
Harter Fall: yes or for large scale 3d panoramas
RAG Randt: true, one or twois fine
Harter Fall: yep
Solo Mornington: dunno if you folks have been to tuna oddfellow's oddball, but he has texture preloaders, so when you show up you don't see anything for like three minutes.
Harter Fall: that works if you warn the ppl
Solo Mornington: yah.
FreeWee Ling: I stood in front of a bunch of things at an installation last night. Waited 20 minutes or more and the textures never did rez.
Solo Mornington: or if you have a sort of controlled experience
Sasun Steinbeck: ouch
nessuno Myoo: acc :((
nessuno Myoo: acc: ((
Solo Mornington: like a path to walk down while the textures load.
Haveit Neox: Nice idea Solo
RAG Randt: would be fun to do a grey textured landscape and see how long people wait for it to load....
Harter Fall: a texture loading priority would be good lol
Haveit Neox: LOL Rag
Lizzie Gudkov: lol Rag
Harter Fall: hehe
nessuno Myoo: LoL
Kicca Igaly: lool
Sasun Steinbeck: LOL yes like my favorite gray "no texture" clothing
Solo Mornington: I used to have a gray skin....
Sasun Steinbeck: hehehe
Solo Mornington: yah. :-)
RAG Randt: lol
Sasun Steinbeck: if anyone has any questions for the panel, please feel free to ask!
FreeWee Ling: I have one of those old skins that used to say "texture not found"
Harter Fall: hehe
FreeWee Ling: I'd like to ask Harter and RAG how it was to share a sim.
Sasun Steinbeck: I sure hope the technology improves, texture loading is still one of the biggest killers of the user experience in SL
Harter Fall: well we got along very well
RAG Randt: i bathed more regularly....
Sasun Steinbeck: hahahahhah
Solo Mornington: :-)
Lizzie Gudkov: lol
Harter Fall: of course we had to compromise
FreeWee Ling: and we all appreciated it RAG..
Mikati Slade: about texture lag, artists need to try to save it more
Sasun Steinbeck: I believe you two had some discussions right up front, how did that go?
RAG Randt: we communicated well
Harter Fall: yes
Mikati Slade: sL is slow with texture, because many creators use large texuturese still now
RAG Randt: worked things out as they came up
Solo Mornington: you guys decided on windlight pretty quickly.
Mikati Slade: they do not know how to save the resources
Mikati Slade: because they are not game developers or like that
Sasun Steinbeck: yes true Mikati
Mikati Slade: so they do not think it serious
RAG Randt: mikate, we will rip the tongues out of anybody using large textures for now on
Harter Fall: lol
Sasun Steinbeck: ew!
nessuno Myoo: ehehhee
Solo Mornington: yah, mikati. that's one fo the things aout SL: talented amateurs can make beautiful things that lag everyone. :-)
Mikati Slade: what do you mean?
FreeWee Ling: Terraforming and Windlight and terrain textures have to be more compatible on a shared sim.
Sasun Steinbeck: that probably didn't translate well RAG :)
RAG Randt: i am joking mikati...
RAG Randt: we will discourage large textures!
Mikati Slade: yes i know, but i am not good at english , sorry
Harter Fall: im working on a game atm with madpeas and i use 1024x1024 textures there . its all a question of where to place them
RAG Randt: np mikati-san ?
RAG Randt: no problem mikati
Mikati Slade: thank you RAG
RAG Randt: that is interesting harter
Harter Fall: vertical skybox distances are important as well
RAG Randt: is it for type or something?
Sasun Steinbeck: what about working with other builders, how did those of you that did group builds manage that, did it work well? Was it difficult coordinating with others?
RAG Randt: how far do skyboxes need to be from each other?
Sasun Steinbeck: hm I would say... out of draw distance, out of mind. 512m??
Solo Mornington: practical maximum draw distance is 512, so that's 8 layers of skyboxes. :-)
Solo Mornington: er, 7
Harter Fall: assuming a max. reasonable draw distance of 400m they should be 400m away
Mikati Slade: i have distance with each boxes like you said , Solo, yes
Apmel Ibbetson: what the maximum drawdistance is depends on your viewer
Harter Fall: yep
RAG Randt: damn, wish i knew that!
Harter Fall: but noone really uses the max
FreeWee Ling: For practical purposes 512 is a reasonable standard.
Solo Mornington: some people do.
Mikati Slade: yes true also
Sasun Steinbeck: 512 tends to be pretty darn laggy, so I imagine it's pretty rare, regardless of how powerful your graphics card is
Harter Fall: important is the average visitor
Solo Mornington: it's not that they NEED to be that far apart, just that it's a reasonable way to figure it out.
Sasun Steinbeck: since you still need to download all those textures
Mikati Slade: yes exactly
FreeWee Ling: If you open your viewer to a wider draw, you have to expect peripheral debris..
Apmel Ibbetson: I use 1000 when I use Nirans viewer
nessuno Myoo: esatto
nessuno Myoo: exact
Mikati Slade: or less-avarage
Mikati Slade: lower
RAG Randt: wow apmel!
Solo Mornington: also you can reduce lag in your region by having multiple levels that people can explore, taking avatars out of draw distance of each other.
FreeWee Ling: Firestorm goes up to 1024
Sasun Steinbeck: some of the viewers that do the progressive draw distance are pretty cool, that can help with large draw distances if you have your viewer configured well
Sasun Steinbeck: I don'd know if Firestorm still does that like the phoenix viewer did... or whether the LL viewers do
FreeWee Ling: Do people build assuming the worst case viewer situation? Or should we be pushing the technology to its limits?
Harter Fall: well thats all just the "loading time lag"
Harter Fall: more important are scripts
RAG Randt: depends on the builder's situation i imagine
FreeWee Ling: Firestorm I'm using now goes to 1024. v.3.2
nessuno Myoo: io preferisco costruire con una situazione 'media' per immedesimarmi nella visione 'media' di chi potrebbe vedere i miei lavori
nessuno Myoo: I prefer to build with a situation 'average' to immerse myself in the vision of 'average' of those who could see my work
Apmel Ibbetson: I hesitated coming in mesh clothes here..for some I would have looked naked and Sasun would have banned me
Mikati Slade: SL is everything almost dynamic stream, so such thing is more serious than the other PC games
Solo Mornington: freewee: I think the point of the LEA is to go ahead and experiment, and not be afraid to fail.
Harter Fall: lol apmel
Sasun Steinbeck: hahahaha Apmel :)
Banrion Constantine: I always wear something underneath to hide the naughty bits in case that happens, Apmel.
Solo Mornington: glitch clothes. :-)
Sasun Steinbeck: yeah I think we have a pretty liberal attitude toward pushing the limits, that's ok with us :)
FreeWee Ling: It may not be ok with your neighbors.
Sasun Steinbeck: speaking of which, we have plans to do an adult rated exhibit on one of the core LEA sims soon
Sasun Steinbeck: so we'll see some limits in action
RAG Randt: oh?
nessuno Myoo: oh great
Apmel Ibbetson: wooot
Harter Fall: an option for "hermit" regions would be good anyways. to build huge over simwide landscapes and such
Sasun Steinbeck: looking foward to the inevitable controversy ;)
Banrion Constantine: It's SL. There's always controversy.
FreeWee Ling: Oh hey, I noticed that the sim next to SOVA is rated A. Does that seem appropriate to have in that proximity?
Solo Mornington: freewee: when it comes to the neighbors, we want to balance all that so everyone has a good experience. that's why I mention not being afraid to fail. :-)
RAG Randt: will it be an open call for submissions sasun?
RAG Randt: or i should say submission and bondage :P
Harter Fall: lol
Sasun Steinbeck: not sure RAG, but stay tuned to the LEA blog. Ginette Pinazzo will be curating that.
Banrion Constantine: lol
Sasun Steinbeck: FreeWee that is indeed the adult exhibit
Sasun Steinbeck: so my understanding is that if you do not have adult contentn set in your viewer, you won't see the sim at all
FreeWee Ling: It's ok with me, but I wonder about the anticipated SOVA users
Sasun Steinbeck: but I better check on that and make absolutely sure
Harter Fall: ah interesting
Sasun Steinbeck: making a note!
Apmel Ibbetson: what´s the LM?
Sasun Steinbeck: the exhibit is not even started yet, so stay tuned in the LEA blog
Apmel Ibbetson: I want a preview:)
Sasun Steinbeck: sorry :)
Solo Mornington: hehe
Sasun Steinbeck: it is LEA4 though, maybe you can peek in later once it's under construction
FreeWee Ling: (It's on LEA4 ;) Not much to see yet I think.
Apmel Ibbetson: ok thx I´ll find it
Sasun Steinbeck: ok it's 5 min to 11:00 and time for any last questions!
Artistide Despres: yes - did someone recorded the chat ?
Artistide Despres: :)))
Harter Fall: hehe
Sasun Steinbeck: I wanted to remind everyone we will have another session at 6pm and if you can come back, that would be great. I have recorded it all and it will appear on the LEA blog soon!
FreeWee Ling: I'll try to make the later session.
Sasun Steinbeck: awesome :)
Sasun Steinbeck: last chance for questions!
Apmel Ibbetson: I´m mostly surprised none of SaveMe´s alts turned up
FreeWee Ling: shhh
Solo Mornington: you never know. :-)
Sasun Steinbeck: she tried and failed just a while ago :)
Harter Fall: lol
Sasun Steinbeck: LOL
Sasun Steinbeck: I wanted to thank our esteemed panel for taking the time to be here today, thank you thank you
Sowa Mai: thank you all
RAG Randt: ty sasun for having us
Solo Mornington: thanks sasun for setting this up.
Sasun Steinbeck: and to Galea Steinbeck for setting up this very cool auditorium just for us :)
Harter Fall: ty for having us
nessuno Myoo: grazie a voi dell'invito a partecipare :°))
nessuno Myoo: Thanks to you the invitation to participate: °))
RAG Randt: ty LEA for having us too!
Haveit Neox: Yes, thank you Sasun !
Lizzie Gudkov: Thank you, everyone. Very interesting.
L1Aura Loire claps!
Kicca Igaly: grazie a te Sasun :)
Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator it->en): thank you Sasun :)
Sasun Steinbeck: thanks for coming and have a great day!
Yman Juran: TY Sasun
Mikati Slade: thank you sasun
London Junkers: thanks
FreeWee Ling: Thank you all.
Sasun Steinbeck: You are very welcome :)
RAG Randt: bye all..back to RL work
Sasun Steinbeck: bye bye!
Kicca Igaly: grazie a tutti
Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator it->en): Thanks to all
Harter Fall: good, i didnt had to sing or dance, phew
Banrion Constantine: Have a nice day, all.
Artistide Despres: bye bye
Apmel Ibbetson: thank you all cu you soon in the sim nearby
Harter Fall: bye all
Yman Juran: Good evening eveeryone hope to see you all soon again
Haveit Neox: Ciao tutti
nessuno Myoo: bye to all and have a great day! ;)
Sasun Steinbeck: have a good one
Oberon Onmura: sorry Sasun
Oberon Onmura: I spaces it
Oberon Onmura: spaced
Solo Mornington: heya oberon. :-)
Oberon Onmura: hey SoloHarter Fall: ohai oberon :)

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