Saturday, February 11, 2012

Aequitas, Field of View: Sun 2/12 9:00am

This Sunday February 12th. at 9am you are invited to share your views in the form of art or text on textures at Aequitas, Field of View a  Linden Endowment of the Arts exhibition at LEA26.

Field of View is a large scale collaborative, interactive, social art installation,  a sim-wide artwork anchored by a mosaic of changing textures provided by participating residents.  This and other weekly  events provide an opportunity for  any and all to visit the artwork, meet the artists,  and participate in the work by dropping their own textures in to the hundreds of boxes equipped with random, replacing texture scripts.

Much like the artists’ previous project, Field of Voices, on the surface this project  sounds deceptively simple but in execution promises to become much more than the sum of its parts.  The site remains open to public participation 24 hrs a day with  an event each weekend  to meet the artists and connect the art to the participant on a personal level.

Field of View has developed in a world whose changing face has influenced the artists and subsequently the artwork.  The optimism present in the Field of Voices has been replaced by a sense of decline in not only the art community of Second Life but the world in general.  In the face of these troubles it behooves the artist to respond.  The response to our call for textures has been slow.  In the face of this reduced content stream the project has faltered with the original promise deteriorating and floating away.  What once were bright new amusements are now charred remains.  The bones of ideas lie bleached upon the sand. The project has become  a sparse dim vision of decay and dissolution brightened only by the sunny photographs provided by the ever optimistic residents. 

We need you to help Field of View realise its potential. These weekend events will give you a chance to connect with the art and the artists by contributing your views of optimism or pessimism in the form of art and text on textures.   Each event will comprise a snapshot of an ever changing landscape fostered by the participation of Second Life residents and the continued unfolding of events on the world stage. Will Field of View rise from the ashes?  Can the residents revive the dream? A work in progress always promises hope and so we will follow this work wherever it leads and join the community for the ride.

Be prepared to share your textures of art, snapshots, or dedications. Just hold control key and drop your texture in one of the boxes in the middle of the sim.  As many as you want in as many boxes as you want. Any permission combination accepted. Your contribution creates the Field of View as a social documentary artwork.

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