Thursday, February 9, 2012

Am I Dreaming?

Written and Illustrated by RAG Randt (Richard A Goldberg in RL)

This story was inspired by my then 4 year old niece, Hannah. For her birthday, her mom and auntie baked a scrumptious chocolate cake. After devouring a large slice, licking her lips and leaving a good amount on her face, she exclaimed with rapture “Am I Dreaming?”. At the same time, I heard about the LEA (Linden Endowment of the Arts) land grant offerings and quickly put in a proposal to turn a story into an interactive build. To my pleasant surprise, I was granted a half sim. I put together a story outline so I could begin construction and refined the story structure as I developed the 3D story. I believe 3D storytelling has great potential and was happy to explore its manifestation here in trying to capture the imagination of a child in a way adults can enjoy as well. The big moment came when I showed the real life Hannah the story. She was mesmerized and I that was the great proof of concept that I had hoped for.

I wish to thank everyone on the LEA board for the land grant that made this all possible. The timing was perfect. I also wish to thank my LEA neighbor Harter Fall for his generous help and in keeping me company on some long work periods. In no particular order I also want to thank Trill Zapatero, Fuschia Nightfire, Scottius Polke, Taralyn Gravois, FreeWee Ling, Karima Hoisan, Bellavista Eisman, Claudia222 Jewell, Maya Paris for their wonderful help and friendship.


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  1. RAG, congratulations on your amazing build for your LEA grant. You turned 1/2 sim into a living, interactive, story, a 3D fun and beautiful children's book, With your unique stylized drawings, coloring, storyline in small poetic verses and windlight settings. I was captivated all along the golden path that took me back to my own childhood, So many fun things to see and ride.. "Am I Dreaming?" and thank you for your supportive and inspirational friendship too RAG.. You did yourself real proud once again with this imaginative creation. Bravo!