Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LEA Announces Its Sandbox Curation Endowment

The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) announces its Sandbox Curation Endowment. This Endowment is a land grant of a quarter sim for three months.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Glad you asked. You place a work in the LEA Art Sandbox Self-Curating Gallery. Each week, given that there is available space, artists who have shown in the Self-Curating Gallery are nominated and voted on by the LEA Committee. The endowment recipient is approached by an administrator and offered a quarter sim.

WHERE'S THE LAND YOU'RE GIVING AWAY? The Endowment regions are LEA10, LEA11, LEA12, and LEA13. Each of these is parceled up into quarters, with a center landing spot. Please visit and check them out. Parcels have ~3700 prims apiece, and full parcel rights including terraforming.

HOW LONG DO I GET THE LAND? You'd have the land for three months. During that time, you'd be expected to have an event, such as an art opening or class or lecture.

REALLY? JUST PUT SOME WORK IN THE SANDBOX GALLERY? Yes. LEA Committee members want to support artists at all skill levels who are exploring the possibilities of virtual art.

HOW CAN I SHOW MY WORK IN A CROWDED GALLERY? There is only so much land in the LEA Art Sandbox sim, and only half of it is the Self-Curated Gallery. We've installed platforms in the sky which can accommodate more art. And of course you can always build your own installation in the sky. The sandbox rules apply, as always.

So come on down to the LEA Art Sandbox, place some work, and maybe you'll get a nomination...

--Solo Mornington

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