Thursday, November 3, 2011

Month of Machinima: New Link for Submission Form & Upcoming Themes

We've had a few bumps in the road as we've been making some transitions with LEA Month of Machinima, but we have a new, improved submission form, some new people getting involved with helping out organize the LEA's machinima initiatives, and some exciting things coming up, like the unveiling of the Machinima Studio Sandbox.

The theme for December is ENDINGS and the deadline is NOVEMBER 15.

The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) selects and screens films made with machinima that focus on the arts, highlight the art of machinima, or are art films.

Each month's films are loosely connected by a common theme. Feel free to interpret the theme in interesting, artistic ways.

Dec: Endings
Jan: Black and white
Feb: Rhythm
March: Speed
April: Fear
May: Twist
June: Hot/cold

Each month's selected films will be screened at the LEA Theater on the first Wednesday of the month (see for details) and be available all month on the web. NOTE: If your film is not chosen the month you submit, it will be kept in the database and may be chosen for another month.

HERE is the link to the form to submit your film.


  1. Not sure why this HERE link doesnt work for me :(

  2. Something very weird happened - Google has blocked this document since it apparently violates the Google Terms of Service... I have NO idea what that means, but I can't even open it myself, and I created it. So... we've been screwed by Google, but by a miracle we had a backup copy from a few days ago... and now that I know that Google can block access to your own documents at a moment's notice, and take forever for them to get back to you about WHY in the world they blocked it, we need to move off of Google forms onto something more reliable that's under our control (sigh). So stay tuned, we will have a fixed link there for you soon.

  3. so now where do we submit our film?

  4. The link above works again--but here it is:

    We're going to use survey monkey for the January round while we work on a permanent solution for our submission form (and some other web goodies for the LEA in general).