Saturday, February 13, 2016


at SANTORINI, Greece
by Art Blue
A CORE GRANT running at LEA8
From Art:
A work in progress, running til end of March 2106.
Each LEA AIR grant holder or UWA prize winning artist who will set up a full SURREAL TOWER will be presented in a Grand Opening on LEA8. Later on the installment will be shown in a rotating concept in SL at sim Penning. The towers will be published in rezmagazine or presented in an Art Talk in the Obscur Hall. All contributions have to be brought to opensim where they will be shown grid wide, reachable via hyperjump from all major grids. This way the Surreal Towers get noticed and also conserved for future generations.
Now SURREAL TOWER artists can make the next step: To apply at the Santorini Biennial and take part in the category IMMERSIVIA -
For the first time in a Biennial “Virtual Art” was accepted along with classic pieces of art, like paintings, sculptures, poetry and photography. Take your chance to make your work as a pioneer in digital art known.
If you apply until March 10, 2016 you get the discount for an early subscriber. All LEA AIR grant holders (no need to be in the Surreal Tower project) get also a 50% LEA discount which results in the same discount as a regular university student. Please enter the number of the LEA round when applying. SurrealTower Resident and CyberXstrike Resident are happy to assist you to get a tower and to find a spot in suited opengrid worlds – both are RL art students of Art Blue.
Uan Ceriaptrix is the first SURREAL TOWER artist being presented at March 10, 2016 at 1.00 PM SLT in an Art Talk. His Surreal Tower is nearly done and can be visited at LEA8.
Until now working on LEA8 on their Surreal Tower for Eternity (or on own sim):  Mikati Slade - Moewe Winkler - Instincta van Helsinki - Stem van Helsinki - Art Oluja (Artistik Oluja) - Gem Preiz - Lorin Tone - Maya Paris - Uan Ceriaptrix - Frankx Lefavre - Tansee Resident - Bryn Oh - Fuschia Nightfire - Fuschia Nightfire
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