Saturday, January 6, 2018

LEA29 -- Gem Preiz presents Sapiens, opening Wed January 10th at 1pmSLT

"Sapiens" is an installation which is not conceived to be visited but to get visitors lost.

It indeed explores the mythological theme of the labyrinth from which one cannot escape and which shelters unspeakable secrets. It takes here the shape of a network of inhospitable and uniform galleries textured with fractals, to which the verticality adds a crushing dimension.

Limited universe, locked like a prison;
Maze of interconnected passages similar to a brain where the thoughts turn in a loop without any solution;
Structure with inhuman size where the visitors face indecision, loss of marks, solitude;
Twofold architecture, the only alternative of which is a second entangled labyrinth of empty spaces jammed with the vain traffic of a hectic anonymous fleet;
this metaphoric build has nevertheless an exit, which the visitor is invited to look for and which will explain its title.


Overall, the installation contains 40 high-resolution fractal frames, each one made of 18 plates carefully joined. They approach 4 themes which mirror the characteristics of the hosting build, and try to emphasize them :

- technology
- maze
- darkness
- confinement

Spread here and there in the tunnels, they will be met all along the exploration. Some of them might be seen several times, others might never be found. But at the very end of the visit, a complete catalog would enable visitors to watch the missed ones.

Information is given in the welcome hall for settings, how to visit and about the music.

Enjoy the visit until the end.


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