Thursday, February 18, 2016

UPDATE: The Craziness Continues on LEA 9

The Craziness has only just begun on LEA 9, as the first month of Seanchai Library's celebration of stories and spoken word continues.

Special Events still to come in February include:
* Sunday, February 21st at 3pm slt in the Crazy Eights Arena:
The very first ever STORYTELLERS' SANDBOX session; providing a forum for new stories, new storytellers, and new ways to present them.  The first Sandbox will feature Artist and Storyteller Hana Hoo, self-published author Dulcie Mills with her newest work, and the ever creative Trolley Trollop with "The TAO of Martha." 
(Stroytellers Sandbox)

*Saturday, February 27th at 2pm slt - STORY FOREST TOUR:
A guided exploration of the Crazy Eights Story Forest with select stories shared live in voice. Guests meet at the Welcome Plaza and join Tour Guides Caledonia Skytower, Kayden Oconnell and Shandon Loring for a walk and a talk featuring some of the 20 stories from around the world found in the Crazy Eights Story Forest.
(Story Forest)

Current weekly events include:

*Thursdays at 7pm slt (through February 25th) Featured Book Series #1: ON THE ISLAND.  Shandon Loring and Caledonia Skytower present Tracey Garvis Graves' NYT best-selling adventure of two people and a tropical island.  Sound like paradise?  Well it might have been until they were shipwrecked, discovered rats, brackish water, sharks and any number of other hazards, including themselves.
(On the Island)

*Most Sundays at 1:30pm slt (Check the LEA or Seanchai calendars for schedule) TEA TIME at Baker Street presents "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" with a new adventure by the Great Detective and his faithful friend and companion each session.
(Tea Time)

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