Saturday, January 30, 2016

Calling for Applications for LEA Core sims

The Linden Endowment for the Arts is always looking for good CORE sim applications and unlike the AIR sims, the dates to apply for them never run out, in that one or two or them are available almost every month.   
LEA9  -- Seanchai Library's stage for The Return of Sherlock Holmes,
a continuing series over the next four months

The Core Sim Grant is normally a 3 month grant although extensions are possible, dependent on availabiity.

LEA9    -  Seanchai Library
An Alice in Wonderland  area with a twist, on the beautiful sim
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We are looking for projects that utilize the many possibilities available in the virtual world. This is not limited to visual art; we encourage applications that are also collaborative efforts across the spectrum of the arts, including performance, music, and film.
The 'core sims' are regions LEA1 through LEA9 (excluding LEA3 Welcome Area and LEA5 Sandbox).
What you get:
1) A parcel or full sim for temporary use (will be set to buy for 0L for 3 months)
2) The parcel/sim will be handed over to the artist on the 1st day of the month
3) The opening of the exhibit will be up to the artist, but sim must remain open to the public
4) LEA Blog will cover the event/exhibit

Full details and application form can be found at this link

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