Friday, November 11, 2011

Month of Machinima YouTube Playlist Is Back!

We're back! The October and November selections are on the LEA Month of Machinima YouTube channel and we're getting ready for the December round, on the theme of Endings, to close out the year. The deadline for submissions is November 15, so there are a few more days. Information is here.


  1. This is great news ... will this channel be updated too?

  2. The channel is updated :) That's what this announcement is about! The The October and November selections are on the playlist (which is how we have always done it because of copyright issues). I put the playlist order in reverse order so the newest ones are first--maybe that helps.

    Now if you mean will there be new video of the monthly LEA screening events as the featured video instead of the promo that plays when you click on the channel, all I can say is that I am too busy hosting the event with many open chat windows to film it. We'll have to see if there is someone who wants to take on filming and editing the event.