Wednesday, November 9, 2011


ACT TWO of Tyreh' Byk's November Tour De Force is titled ~(Not-a-Knot). The opening of the build and the 1st performance in it will take place on Friday November 11 at 6:00 PM SLT.

Due to popular demand, that evening at 9:00 PM SLT NOVEMBER 11th Tyrehl will be performing an encore of his Particle Phantasmagoria piece from last year.  That will be running throughout the weekend as well as other scheduled and unscheduled performances in ~(Not-a-Knot).  Check the calendar at  for a current performance schedule.


Tyrehl Byk's performance art/constructed reality piece is a conceptual work that may serve to unpack a viewer's sense of the function that language serves in daily experience. During one's exploration of the work, Byk sometimes tickles, and other times assaults the viewer's attachment to the idea that a word and it's correlative experience is personal, identical and unchanging. It may also serve to help undermine one's sense that a person's in-world experience is distinct from his or her off-world reality. As such, it can be at once an interesting experience for some, and a disquieting challenge for others.
The title of the piece ~(Not-a-Knot) -- pronounced: "Not, not a knot." -- serves to highlight the fundamental underpinnings of our struggle for clear and non-dual awareness in a world that seems to be continuously attached to a state of confused, dualistic meaning.
Periodically during the exhibit, the artist will be present, sometimes performing maintenance checks on the mind, and at other times pouring fuel on the fires of confusion.


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