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The stunning opening to the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, Rebeca Bashly's Inferno was a hard act to follow. Tyrehl Byk's Catharsis however has already proven to be a more than stunning follow-up for the November month. Long term champion of the arts in Second Life, and the original curator of the UWA 3D Art Challenges, quadrapop Lane shares the ground of the SIM with "Retrospective Highlights of 4 Years of SL" which will evolve as the month progresses.

Tyrehl Byk Premiere Public performance: November 4th, 2011 6-PM SLT


quadrapop Lane's Retrospective Open throughout November START LOCATION FOR QUADRAPOP LANE

Quad's retrospective includes works such as Ultra Violet, a Grand Finale work for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge, which is a collaboration between quadrapop (prims & textures) & Corto Vieria (sculpt maps) from August 2010, sea grass fronds and the Rainbow Metallic Sea from 2008
among others.

Tyrehl Byk's "Catharsis" is an immersive, 24 minute adventure ride into the curious, the irreverent, through the sublime, and back out the other side.

Using a specially scripted theater, Byk takes control of the audience's cameras and, (if Second Life is behaving well), synchronizes a sequence of scenes that rely heavily, but not exclusively on the use of particle effects to interpret a musical track including compositions in a variety of styles from contemporary to classical.

While it would be easier to simply create a machinima of the sequences, Byk has chosen to offer this process as performance art, in order to remove the idea of an unchanging linear experience that may be captured, commodified, and assimilated alone, and replace it with a shared, group experience that is never the same twice.

The nature of the Second Life construct informs the performance with its own curious continuity, supplemented by the qualities of the each audience member's viewing platform, viewer settings, and bandwidth connection to the internet. All of these combine to make each performance of the work unique, not just from an overall perspective, but for each and every participant.

Audience members are encouraged to arrive early and please, please, *PLEASE* remove all heavily scripted items before the program begins to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Those lucky enough to be invited to a special private screening before the public launch were astounded:

"Amazing, astounded at the work involved. this masterfully shows what is possible when you control the viewpoint of your audience. Expertly done particles and editing of the music and visuals. Tyrehl is surely pushing the limitsand setting new bars for others to aim for." quadrapop Lane

"I was privileged to witness a landmark in SL art. Tyrehl created a masterpiece of live performance creating an immersive machinima experience with astounding visual effects. My jaw dropped, took a limo downtown and went dancing..." FreeWee Ling

"Breathtakingly spectacular and a Must-see-to-believe adventure!" Galea Yates

"This is by far one fo the coolest things I have *ever* seen in SL... and I've seen a lot!" Sasun Steinbeck

"This is just brilliant, i have never seen such thing here!  it was super! that camera control thing is awesome!" Rebeca Bashly

"This is the most beautiful and amazing things I have ever seen in SL. I'm speechless" Ponchituti

"Most incredible  Particle Show i ever seen in sl .. a must see for all  !!! :)" claudia 222 Jewell

"Once Tyrehl takes the controls you are plunged into an immersive blend of color and sound that relax and stimulate the senses in amazing ways." Taralyn Gravois

Ongoing performance calendar may be found here:


Transport Station to the Event Horizon Theater SLURL:

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