Thursday, November 9, 2017

LEA16 Opening - We See What We Want by ChimKami

Teleport to We see what we want by ChimKami @ the Itakos Art Gallery

We all live in the same world.
But we do not always share the same perception of that world.
We can see darkness or light, war or peace, hate or love, black & white or colours.
Our lives can fall into pieces that need repair.

We can feel so many sensations and emotions, it can confuse us.
We often speed through life so fast, we forget to stop and make time for what really matters.
We should be more considerate and conscious of why, what, when, where and who we feel, to know why we see what we see. Like that, our walk through life will gain value and insights. Where we end is not that important so much anymore, because there is no end, except death.

You are invited to take a walk, fly, run or speed hover through 5 levels of life. On each level you can see pictures representing all kinds of moods as colourful as our mind. How you experience them will depend on your own perception and approach. You sometimes will make a mess and crash. Impatience and recklessness may throw you back to a lower level of conscious living. Patience, time and resilience will lift that up, even when life appears to be stuck in a vacuum of repetitive vicious circles, a perpetual mobile of wasted energy.

Curated by Akim Alonzo

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