Wednesday, April 5, 2017

LEA27/28/29 - Particle Show "Magic" by Venus Adored April 7th at 2pm SLT

The show will be given on 3 sims at one time.
Where: Lea 27/28 and 29 
When: April 7 at 2pm slt.


Friends, particle lovers and visitors of my installation at LEA 27 (bubble wall painters) are all invited.

Very important note >>> settings for the show

Do feel welcome

Make sure to be in time


For the best possible viewing of the show set your graphics:

1. Preference > graphics:
    * Performance > slider set between HIGH and ULTRA
    * Enable Advanced Lightning Model
    * Particle count 4096 (more than 4096 may not work
    * Maximum complexity -> No Limit  
    * Advanced Lightning Model -> checked
    * Point Lightning -> Full 

    Preferences >Graphics >Rendering:
    * Render Glow Strength 2
    * Enable Attached Lights 
    * Render Attached Particles

2. Remove HUDS and AO´s and all unnecessary    
    scripts for the duration of the show

3. Set to MIDNIGHT

4. Pie menu:
    * Render me fully  >>> I will be highly loaded
    * Derender other avatars in case you have lag problems 

5. Please remain seated during the show


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