Friday, March 3, 2017


 TerpsiCorps ARTWERKS  kicks off  the festivities at their new home on LEA 10, for the next few months, starting Saturday March 4th at 1PM SL with music and mystery, friends and dancing! Please head over  to Whitechapel and enjoy the concert line up around 1PM Second Life time, then linger and meander through the dozens of art galleries organized by Renee Rossalini.
 Whitechapel will be featuring many events over the next four months, including the Interactive Murder Mystery Dance, as well as The Asylum "On The Road" Clue Murder Mystery!
 That is just part of the fun that's in store for you, while you tour the vast Victorian London park like pathways, rummage through the Book Shops for that rare collectors gift, then find yourself stopping to sip a bit of your favorite beverage at the café near the fish market in the afternoon sun, what is the possibly you might discover a poetry reading circle at just about tea time!


 With all the charm of the Victorian era, we welcome the Second Life Community to experience Whitechapel, London with its beauty!
 Featuring This  Saturday March 4th 2017 at LEA10::
   1PM Suzen Juel Resistance
   3PM Voodoo Shilton
   8PM Cordelia Cerise

 Interactive Murder Mystery Dance
 9 PM The Asylum "ON THE ROAD"
 Clue Murder Mystery DJ LIL

We look forward to your company at Whitechapel

For the location of Whitechapel, London concert event

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