Friday, February 3, 2017

LEA18~ Some words on the creator of 'Existence in Balance'


I am JenniferMay Carlucci and am creator and builder of the art installation .: Existence in Balance:.

I think it is a privilege to be able to work on this project and I want to extend my gratitude to Linden Lab who generously offered a grant for my ideas, in order to show my thoughts to  the people in SL.

Who is JenniferMay Carlucci?

After getting my university degree in RL, I started my career as office manager and chief of department of several Financial institutions.

Although these positions offered an interesting challenge, I couldn't find any outlet for my artistic aspirations.

So after 20 years hiding behind a desk and computer, I said farewell to my colleagues and started my company, being a landscape designer. Gardening, plants, ideas on how a landscape should be designed always was a huge hobby of mine.

In 2007, I discovered Second Life, and thought it to be the platform for building virtual landscapes of my RL designs to show to my clients. And it worked really well!.

With my first avatar I entered SL in February 2007.

I learned how to build, landscape and terraform, ran a couple of rental sims, a ballroom and  The Conservatory of Ballymore. Here we had an ongoing art exposition of RL painters and sculptors.

Apart from my own sims and RL designs, I set up several sims for others.

Unfortunately due to the fast pace of SL, none of the sims I created 10 years ago exist anymore.

Having an outlet for my creativity and close contact with nature, it changed my perspective of the World and gradually I became more aware of the deep-seated value of the creation of everything we know around us (earth / universe) and the importance of humanity and every living item here on this planet.

Reading up on quantum-mechanics, space travel and studies on the universe I came up with a theory of how earth and space for that matter could have been created.

Other projects and interests in SL are of course still setting up sims, and one of my top faves is certainly dancing! Using a combination of stunning animations, well chosen Music, a fabulously built stage, and a great choreography puts down a tremendous vivid experience for the SL dancer but also for the SL spectator in RL.

Everything mentioned above will be mixed into the installation .:Existence in Balance:.

The sim will be the stage for dance, sound, visuals and a marvelous all-over experience.

The topic being, to show how Earth is created, lifted up from the non-physical area to the existing world and gloriously settled in its own huge Universe. To show how beautiful the creation is, how we people can observe it and keep beauty and love for the Creation in our Hearts to maintain it for future posterity.

Of course I couldn't get it all done without the backup and support of my loving partner Falk whom I love for everything he is (awesome, kind, open, great sense of humor, young at heart etc etc) and awesome friends Kay (SL sister and RL best friend) and Jess (special as we went thru many ordeals and still sticking together, supporting each other).

A special thanks is at its place as well for Medora and Alazi, who pushed me into taking up the initial build and giving me the space for it.

I thank all my friends RL and SL because I couldn't be the one I am now, without any one of them!


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