Friday, December 16, 2016

LEA27 - Evre presents Dick Bierman, PhD on Dec 18th at 9amSLT

     E V R E
          a Tahiti Rae Build

        E V R E    P R E S E N T S
                9:00 A.M.  SLT
          S u n d a y    D e c e m b e r  18
       2 0 1 6

       D I C K   B I E R M A N,  Ph.D.
                                                             at the E V R E Events Venue

                                        "The Hidden Dirty Secrets of Experimental Parapsychology"

                                                E V E N T     D E T A I L S

* Limit 75 guests
* Dress:  Smart casual
* Please arrive LOW SCRIPT and be seated by 8:30 AM SLT (high scripts = departure)
   Please have scripts under 50 or lower if possible
* Please lower draw distance to 96 or lower
* MUST BE SEATED or our guest will not commence.  NO STANDING PERMITTED
* Guest's presentation will be offered VIA VOICE, not stream
* PLEASE HAVE ALL MICROPHONES OFF unless you are offered the opportunity by our guest to ask a question.
* Please do not left click on our guest's presentation screen!

                                    ** EVRE CLOSES DECEMBER 31, 2016 **
I would again, like to thank the Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee, and Dr. Maggie Larimore, our previous guest speaker on EVRE, for making it possible to host these wonderful guests!


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