Tuesday, December 6, 2016

LEA20 -- Invitation to The Surreal Cube December 8th at 1pm SLT

We celebrate the closing of IN THE GREEN - an art installation by Norton Lykin inside the Surreal Cube

The program:

WAITING FOR ART, a theatrical 42 minutes long play by Art Blue
THURSDAY, DECEMBER, 8, 2016, starting 1:00 PM SLT *)

1:50 PM - INSIDE GREEN, a particle performance in a cube by Venus Adored – first performed at the Grand Opening of IN THE GREEN

2:00 PM SLT - LIVE CONCERT - inside IN THE GREEN – by Ultraviolet Alter

*) Art Blue will hand over the INFINITE CUBE as a Christmas present to attending visitors during the play (copy, mod, no-trans).

About the play

After WAITING FOR GODOT - performed some weeks ago - which was indeed a WAITING FOR GREEN we will have another theatrical event today written by Art Blue: WAITING FOR ART

The play, which can be also seen as an Art Talk, was inspired by a constant annoyance not only I had to read that curators are not artists, that builders are not artists, that scripters are not artists, that particle makers are not artists … and   ...
... "being a toilet cleaner in a RL museum you are in SL qualified to be a gallery owner and to know who is an artist and who not.”

We will get the ultimate insight of what ART IS – and there will be proof.

Put all your plans aside and be at the Surreal Cube at LEA20 at least TEN MINUTES BEFORE 1:00 PM SLT as the program starts with a pre-opener by invisible art artist Lana Newstrom from New York.

Host is JulietteSurrealDreaming

Teleport:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA20/48/9/27

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