Thursday, December 1, 2016

LEA10 Ephemeral "Lucio"

                                                                     " Lucio, Dalla sua Parola"
 Not only a tribute to a great artist, but a reminiscence of his spirit, evoked by his own words, by his own philosophy, from his own life.
In the stripped-down, intimate atmosphere that can only be created by such a distinctive pairing of piano and voice, you will experience a collection of Lucia Dalla’s most intense songs, thoughtfully selected and presented by an artist who knew him and admired him, for both his artistry and humanity.
Pascal Basile; composer, arranger and music producer, aims to reveal another side of Lucio Dalla in this show, that will enrapture our guests. With this in mind, a sequence of songs including "Milano", "Tango", "Mambo", "Il parco della luna", intertwined with the real voice of Lucio Dalla, offers us a glimpse into his captivating mind.

AT LEA10 By Boefje Resident

December 2ND at 1 PM Second Life Time

Here is you destination SLUR::



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