Thursday, September 8, 2016

LEA9 - WaterWorld - by Oldlex

WaterWorld September Schedule

Opening day September 9, 2016

Grand Opening September 12, 2016
Mer & Creatures of the Deep Costume Party - with dj gunner.
Prizes will be awarded!
6pm-8pm slt

WaterWorld Hunt
Starting September 19, 2016

What is WaterWorld ?

 Kong's Skull Island was sinking fast and all life forms on the island were almost lost forever.
 We had to find a way to save all the animals.  Large ships were sent out to save them.

 When we got to the sinking island, to my surprise the mermaids under the island found a way to save most of the animals.
 Near the Mer City they laid out water proof containers and moved all the animals inside.  The mers were able to build a few islands for the animals to live on.  It seems the mers were very fond of the apes.  They even made a fun island for the apes to play on.

   Now we get to see their hard work and explore WaterWorld.  WaterWorld is a mix of land and sea.

 You initially land at the Visitor Welcome Center.  There you will find all kinds of ways to explore.  If you go down to the observation deck you will find a long glass tube leading you to the first under water container. Find your way around and touch doors to open them.Look for an airlock door that will let you outside the container to the sea bed. If you stay inside and find the other containers that take you to who knows where? There more ways to explore use teleports or canoes, all of the islands have glass tubes that take you up or down and follow the signs. The floating islands still have the birds on them along with a new zip line from one island to the next . relax with the wild life and enjoy the new life all around you . We even have a tram system to move you across the sea bed, under water caves to explore and a large under water pirate city.

 All kinds of plants cover the sea bed. Fish of all varieties and plants reach out to grab you and the large mer city ready for us to use and explore. the mix of animals is a long one and do not feed the sharks. do not surf with the sharks ... do it . so much to see and do. sit every wear . touch it all see it all, hear it all . explore this fantastic sim-wide build that is full of surprises and magical discovery, so much to see and do! explore as a mermaid.the way it was meant to be.  Excellent photo opportunities. now that this is done , maybe i can get some sleep.

Skull island is gone , Kong is gone but never forgotten

This project was made possible in part by a grant from Linden Endowment for the Arts. With builds by oldlex and misty rose .

No need for any kind of diving equipment . The mers have cast a spell on the sea so we all can breath under water.



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