Thursday, July 21, 2016

LEA21 - Soul of Colors by Giovanna Cerise

For her project "Soul of colors, supported by the Linden Endowment for the Arts.",  Giovanna Cerise presents an initial installation "Variations in The Magic Flute," which will remain on display until the end of August, to make way then for another work.

Color, light, shadow and music intersect in this installations inspired by the famous masterpiece by W. A. Mozart's "The Magic Flute"

The installation , which was presented for the first time four years ago,  unfolds in a series of environments full of references, allusions and allegories, in an infinite game of layers that overlap and intersect.

We give you some tips to better appreciate and interact with this opera:

1. It is best to explore the installation simply walking through, but you get a good effect also flying between locations and by inserting the mouse look.

2. You can listen some the citations of the work by clicking on musical notes, located in strategic points and allow  to activate the music in World.

3. The immersion is also stimulated by the use of poses that encourage interactivity with the work.

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