Thursday, June 2, 2016

LEA2 Cinema City Opening by Ataro Asbrink

:::Cinema City built by Ataro Asbrink is a city dedicated to important aspects of cinema and movie making:::JUNE 4TH OPENING PARTY WITH MUSIC AND PARTICLES:: 1PM SLT TORBEN ASP  2PM ZEN ARADO 3PM FEATURING ULTRAVIOLET ALTER ::: JOINING WITH IS PARTICLE TOM :::
  :::Cinema City built by Ataro Asbrink is a city that includes building movie sets (installations..) for movie making, one or more movie theaters and educational facilities :::
 :::Cinema City is built on two floors. On the ground is a kind of cellar or arsenal for the movie installations. On the first floor is the city. It is modern city, where you can watch all the movies which are created using the movie sets / installations in the ground area. These movies are live movies, because they don't show any recorded material, what you see is here and now. This is done by using the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) for moving the camera. Just sit on a prim or a chair, push ESC, and you'll see the movie. You can also wear a HUD for watching. Then you can „jump“ into the movie if you like.
In the middle is a plaza with a light fountain. You can use this plaza for: Watching coded live movies, as well as music performances and other things to come. And there's a cinema where you can watch machinimas. Next to the cinema is the „Learning Lane“ with some visual tutorials concerning basic skills of movie making, which will be developed and expanded. After watching and learning you can visit a cafĂ© or a bar.
Contributing artists, who built movie sets are: Giovanna Cerise, Lexi Marshdevil, Moewe Winkler, Noke Yuitza, Particle Tom and Ataro Asbrink.
It's a work in progress, so there will be more and more live movies until the end of July. "Opening June 4th and runs until July 31st 2016."
                          " IT'S ABOUT FILM AND FILMING "

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