Tuesday, March 29, 2016


You are commanded to attend the astonishing new production of Exodus brought to you by ExtravaDanza! 

 Sail along the Nile and hope the Ten Plagues do not get you!  Watch in amazement as we part the Red Sea, then travel across dry land to the desert in search of the Promised Land.  Inspired by the epic 1956 film, "The Ten Commandments". This high-end production is brought to you by the same team who brought you Christmas ExtravaDanza, Imagine and Macabre.  Featuring cutting-edge special effects, outstanding choreography and breathtaking costumes.  With a sim wide build and Production by SexyS Quintessa, this show is an adventure that will take you on a journey deep into ancient Egypt.  Seating is limited so please get there early, scripted down and windlight set to region default and get ready for a creative expedition into history!

   Dates for Show Times
   Fri April 1st  9pm SL Time Zone (PST)
   Sat April 2nd 1pm
   Fri April  8 9pm
   Sat April 9 1pm

PLEASE USE THIS URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA12/28/223/25
For attending the show presentations

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