Saturday, March 12, 2016

LEA News about the Core sims applications

To better differentiate the Artist in Residence (AiR) Grants from the Core Land Grants, and renew the sense of excitement that projects which involve the community bring to the grid, the LEA is in the process of transitioning into the new criteria of what we are asking from applicants for Core Land Grants.

The LEA is offering its Core sims for shorter-term art exhibits or projects that are community based in nature. Some examples of these may be (but are not limited to): group art projects, dance or play performances, classes, demonstrations, tutorials, or invitations to the general public to join the activity on the sim.

Occasionally there are Core grant applications that are not community based in nature and are better suited to the AiR grant process, and may be re-directed into the next AiR grant round of applications.

The Core Land Grant is a 3 month grant.
Extensions are possible, dependent on availability.
- Awarding of grants is decided by the LEA Committee through a vote after consideration of all the proposals made for them.
- None of the grants will allow the selling of any items, but you may post a sign that gives another location where you do sell them.
- Tip jars are not allowed other than for one time performances.
- The expectations for the grants are that what has been proposed in the application process is what will be developed on the parcel.
- Openings and other events may be held there.
- Applications will be open year around and anyone may apply for a Core Land Grant.

We are awaiting YOUR applications!

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