Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LEA27 - Invisible Machines by FreeWee Ling

ARTIST: FreeWee Ling
This installation is inspired by the idea that much of what happens in daily life is hidden from view. We may have a general idea about things, but when we turn on a tap and water runs out, how, specifically, does it get there? We don't know where the food we buy and eat comes from or how it's processed.

We don't know what our taxes are used for. There are some 323 million people in the US, but the government routinely spends billions of tax money on weapons and roads and education and art and medical care. The average spent per person is something on the order of 30 thousand dollars. I have never paid more than a small fraction of that amount in Federal taxes, so I am presumably being hugely subsidized by corporations and other large revenue generators. (Thank you Exxon/Mobil.)

Simply as a result of the sheer size of government and the diversity of what it does on a daily basis, we are unaware of the vast majority of what government is doing. We hope that what they are doing is for our benefit as a people, or is at least benign. But most thinking people are pretty sure they are paying for things they would just as soon not to know about.

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