Friday, August 7, 2015

LEA4 - SEASONS OF LIFE by Johannes1977

Photo by Kara Trapdoor
CREATOR:  Johannes1977 Resident
DESCRIPTION: Seasons of Life represents a person's life cycle combined with the scientific seasons of the Earth.
Models Featured:
Seashell Dench as the Guardian of the Night
Draakje Dailey as the Spring Guardian
Eleseren Brianna as the Summer Guardian
Emma Portilo as the Winter Guardian
Issy Flatley as the Autumn Guardian

In order to enjoy the build, it is recommended that you either change your settings to the sim default or set the windlights to the following windlights (via Firestorm):
WL Sky: ShadowSet
WL Water: Raymonds Water at Night

 Photos by Saiyge Lotus

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