Monday, September 29, 2014

Travel Narratives into Trees by Uan Ceriaptrix - LEA14

Dates: open on Saturday, October 4, at SL noon (12:00 PM PDT)

Travel Narratives into Trees


Thanks for coming to visit the site, 

I am pleased to share some sensations that give me satisfaction, 

the simple perception and contemplation of nature around us, 

with its main actors: living beings, colors, flavors, textures, movements, sounds and more; 

with the range of elements and factors that we reveal a reality,

also, feelings of uncertainty that often surprise and motivate us to explore and experiment. 

The only explanation I can give of my performance, it is my love of nature,

and life as a whole, that is my reason for living of course! 


To all my valued friends that help me to be better and share their vision and talent with me,
To the Linden Endowment for the Arts, for the opportunity to act today, here and now ,
To all visitors who come to experience my performance,

Thank you!

Uan Ceriaptrix
LEA 14
Round seven

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