Monday, August 18, 2014

Searby's LEA16

Welcome/Info area

Come see the amazing works of Searby Resident -
From Dave Searby Mason~~~
I am grateful to the LEA for letting me have a SIM - at LEA16, August to Dec 2014.
There are 3 works at LEA16.
All are best seen with the Sun set to 'Sunset' but 'Midnight' also works too.
Please wear HEADPHONES, enable sounds and adjust the volume as high as comfortable.  'Sound Spheres' and 'Seahorses" are designed for you to walk through the objects there and experience the sounds.

At Sea Level the landscape is designed to just  walk around and relax into what I hope is a peaceful place. I am keen on SL landscapes that are surreal or magical; offering what cannot be seen in RL.  The welcome area here is also the launch place for the other two places . . . . . .

This place is designed specifically to experience the sounds triggered as you walk through them.  Please wear headphones and walk through each sphere,  Sometimes the sounds are pleasant and sometimes discordant but many will overlap as you walk through them.  It is possible for you to walk forwards and then backwards to experience the overlapping sounds.  Some of the sounds are samples from music, some are from music made by me, some are just sounds of the world.

The Seahorses are also designed to walk through like the spheres but here the visual aim is different.  I wanted to create a ghostly feel to add another dimension to the sounds.

I am inspired by cellular creatures, deep sea creatures, jellyfish and the mystery of mandalas. 
My other efforts can be seen in these  places :

short films

still images

music made
the search for the second truth

I am very grateful and have been influenced by :
Fuschia Nightfire
Betty Tureaud
Soror Nishi
FreeWee Ling
Claudia 222
Jo Ellsmere
Menubar Memorial
Astin Miles
Ultraviolet . . . . . and many others

Please visit, relax and enjoy the views.




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