Saturday, May 17, 2014

The SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) conference comes to Second Life Exclusively!

The real world presentation will be streamed exclusively into Second Life locations. Please join us at the LEA Theatre for the presentation, as the audience will be captured and shown to their RL conference. LEA Theatre seating: 

 The SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) Conference and Expo 2014 will be coming to Second Life on May 19th and 20th. The LEA Theater will be the place to be as the annual forum gets underway with a start time of 2pm slt on Monday featuring keynote speaker Philip Rosedale.  Tuesday at 3 pm slt will be the panel discussion.

The SVVR program was started in May 2013 and has continued with monthly meetings as the virtual reality community continues its metamorphosis; ever changing and growing into something much bigger than it had been originally.
VR is no longer just for kids, nor merely for personal creative expression, but also the varied industries and opportunities it has given birth to; such as: creators, developers, producers, investors, entrepreneurs, and entertainers as well as many forms of education.

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