Friday, May 23, 2014

LEA6 Flooded!

Photos by Igor Ballyhoo

Artist statement:
Past few days my country is affected by Biblical size floods that were never recorded in our history. Tens of thousands people is evacuated from their homes and thousands of homes is under water. As you can understand, human lifes are most valuable to save but uncounted number of animals lost their lifes. This morning I have wake up with news that more then 100 tons of dead animals is gathered just from one city. And it is not over yet...

In this light, for solidarity, I have decided to flood my new ongoing work “Cyber Orthodox”  in LEA 6. I left peaks of work above, same as rooftops of houses are above in this floods.
Igor Ballyhoo


1 comment:

  1. Art is about making statements. You have given your exhibit a second meaning and brought greater attention to a real life tragedy. I commend you.