Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Art of SodaGnome Machinima @ LEA 28

In the words of SodaGnome:

On display at LEA28 are sets and objects and avatars from my SodaGnome and GnomeZen youtube machinimas. This allows viewers of the 2D machinima to experience scenes and objects from my machinima in 3D. Machinima in many ways is a collaborative art and many artists and creators are involved and many go unnoticed and uncredited. At the most basic level, the programmers of Second Life itself produced the basic building blocks, tools, and environments that make Second Life creation and machinima possible. Then all of the talented artists who create everything in Second Life from the tiny spider crawling on a wall to a giant snail one races on, from a simple grass texture to an entire ocean underwater environment.

I owe a debt and thanks to all the talented creators who contributed to my machinima in small and large ways. Also, to all those kind souls who sent me scripts and objects and landmarks when I asked for help. I’m amazed by the talent and creativity of those around me and grateful for their creations as it makes it possible for me to put my own spin on their objects, avatars, and environments and create my short films inspired from the great things I find around me.


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