Thursday, January 16, 2014



On January 18, at 1 pm SLT, avatars will be orbiting the space around the Paper Observatory at the LEA21 sim. Will you be one of them? I am planning to film, no lag willing! If you would like to fly among the stars, please dress as a star, satellite, or sun, however you imagine them to be.

WHEN: Saturday, January 18, at 1 PM SLT.

WHERE: The Lea21 sim :

WHY: Because you are a star.

HOW: Come as you are, or in your celestial trappings.

WHAT: This is an installation I built called PAPER OBSERVATORY, on view during the month of January 2014. I decided to make a film about it. The lower levels of the build show people performing rituals, from a time when superstition defined the world: disease was the work of demons and the world was flat. Floating above this, is the Observatory which issued a new era of discovery: questioning by evidence.

Please join in!

Haveit Neox

APOLOGY: As I'll be filming parts of the event, I close my IM windows so they do not block the screen. So, if you speak to me and I don't respond, it is because my windows are closed. I'll read the messages after filming and get back to people. Thanks for your understanding :)

Please check for information and updates on my latest projects.

Here are a couple of my recent films:

1. “LAST GREEN” (Narrated science fiction story)

2. “Helmetless” (experimental film)

P.S.   I am also considering creating a tear-down event on January 31, where the build collapses. Please check my blog listed above to check for developments. Thanks!

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