Tuesday, January 7, 2014

“Me Kikas, you Marma” at LEA2

Me Kikas, you Marma_ show

COMING this WED at KG Shine Productions LEA Theater on LEA2 at 3PM on the 8th of January, 2014.
“Me Kikas, you Marma” is the latest installment of the show “The Extraordinary Adventures of Kikas & Marmaduke” — a series of scenes sampled from an imaginary 3D graphic novel about the wacky trials and tribulations of avatars in Second Life.
The show aims to elicit laughter while exploring the possibilities of Second Life itself as a creative medium, in particular as regards the involvement of the audience, that is encouraged to discuss actively the show as it progresses.
Some opinions and reviews about past presentations of “The Extraordinary Adventures of Kikas & Marmaduke” include:
“(…) a 3D cartoon show with RL artists starring as their avatars (…) Marmaduke Arado and Kikas Babenco rock the metaverse with some of the funniest cartoons I’ve ever seen! (…) YOU MUST attend in person to really grok how hilarious this show is…”
any1 Ginoid, from her review at iCNN
I feel I’m looking at bright fragments of a future comic book in 3D, but most pages are misplaced in the time travel back here… — Tomkin Euler comment at our show in Chilbo Faire (July 9 2010)
“The Extraordinary Adventures of Kikas and Marmaduke” gives Second Life a humorous and modern day interpretation of this 19th century art form  [tableaux vivants]. No show is ever the same because of the interaction with the audience at each performance.”
from “Tableaux Vivants, Lag & Sim Crashes” in the blog Bock in Second Life
“I had high expectations of last night’s show  [and they] were met by a wide margin. It was a fun hour and I was so fascinated by the decor, the scene, the whole approach — so different and so good. The show consists of 20 scenes and tells the action along, and each scene is displayed in two minutes. Meanwhile, the audience will discuss what happens, and that way it gives additional life to the document.”
from “Fun adventures with The Wearers” in the blog Magasin Millimina (translated from Swedish)
Marmaduke – the bold traveler who unselfishly throws himself fearless into unknown land to keep up the fight against nameless dangers, careless of the consequences he might suffer!
Kikas – the saviour who in every life-threatening situation manages in an incomprehensible way to keep up her dignity, her elegance and the unique freshness of her wardrobe!
— Kandinsky Beaumont, from the notecard for the show at her sim Solace (Oct. 8 2011)

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