Friday, January 10, 2014

Machinima Lecture: Mr. Bones @ In the Belly of the Wale

Visit LEA20 to listen to Ole Etzel - aka. Mr. Bones - lecturing about Machinima (What is Machinima? Why is Machinima? How do i make Machinima or pics? What software is useful? What is LEA20 about? What we want YOU to do with it! Sudden inspirations!) and explaining the Machinima and picture project at LEA20.
We like YOU to join us making a picture story or a machinima movie. The topic of your work should be "In the Belly of the Whale". More infos and inspirations will be given during the lecture.
Send your work to and join the fun! All artworks entered will be shown on and also at the end of January for a party in SL. Stay in touch for more infos about the event and special rewards! then choose "Ole!" in the time machine right in front of you.
12pm SLT is California time (PST), for example in Central European Time (CET) it is Saturday, 9pm in the evening!

The event is held in voice.

Join us at Saturday, January 11th at 12 PM SLT


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