Friday, February 22, 2013

Coded Movie Factory by Ataro Asbrink

ataro LEA2 Movie Factory   Visually, Ataro Asbrink's factory build is quite a feast for the eyes in black, red and white~but beyond that is a very workable concept for making what he calls Coded Movies. In his words: "My Coded Movie Factory installation is a movie set, only built for making movies, like some painters need a landscape or a model. Coded Movies are movies that are written line by line with a programming language. Normally individual scenes of a Machinima are grabbed with Fraps and then joined together with a video editor, scene by scene. With Coded Movies it is different. You write your screenplay, you build in SL all the required elements including the sounds and then you code scene by scene with LSL (Linden Scripting Language). In a similar way (by coding/programming) you can make texture movies and particle movies, or a mixture of it all. Snapshot _ LEA PERFORMANCE by Ataro Asbrink, LEA2 (80, 41, 21) I show some examples of this kind of movie. You can see the movies by using a HUD (then your avatar can go around or jump into the movie for a while) or by sitting on a prim. You can choose from a menu then. As a demonstration how you can leave the movie resp. to jump into it, I built a sort of simple game, where you can jump into the movie. (Visit game "Jump Seven") I don't know why I chose a sort of coal mine movie set, but I think it has to do with, that I grew up next to one of the biggest coal mines in Germany. And there was a wall around it. So as a child I saw and heard this mine only from the outside, there were only industrial noises, red and violet lighting up to the clouds above. So I heard noises, saw fires, flames of mine gasses being flared during the night, colors, and some special smell of sulphur in the air. Thats why this factory is a kind of fantasy factory for me, not to be compared with a real factory."   His opening will be on Sunday, February 24 at 1pm slt at LEA2, so please come and meet the Artist. Snapshot _ LEA PERFORMANCE_ Ataro Asbrink's Coded Movie Factory

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