Saturday, November 10, 2012

Invade Real Life at EXTRACT/INSERT this week!

A live Installation happening at
The Herbert Art Gallery (Coventry UK) and Second Life
Opening Times 10am - 4pm (UK) 2am - 8am (SLT)
Sunday 12pm - 4pm (UK) 4am - 8am (SLT)
We avatars often struggle to explain our existence to those that dwell only in the physical world. But now, a new exhibit at LEA 24 helps us do what we aliens do best: INVADE!

EXTRACT/INSERT is a unique installation in both Second Life and at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry, UK. It is a collaborative effort between internationally renowned performance artist Stelarc, lecturer and actor Joff Chafer and artist and technologist Ian Upton. With support in SL from the LEA, and in RL from the Arts Council of England, they have been able to create an environment where avatars can co-mingle with real people visiting the Herbert!

All week, a team of volunteers have been interacting with visitors of all ages, chatting with them about anything from where they are all from, American politics, to what it means to be an avatar. And these volunteers should be commended - many of them have been awake at all kinds of 'unsociable' hours to meet and greet the UK visitors. And Stelarc himself stopped in the Herbert last week for an artist talk, and logged in to SL for a performance, 'Involuntary and Improvised Arm':

Unfortunately, the Herbert exhibit is only open a very short time, but Upton has already been discussing further incarnations. However, YOU can still be part of it this week! If you would like to volunteer and chat with Herbert visitors, you need to know the following:
  • To experience the work you will need a Second Life Client capable of displaying ‘shared media’ (V3 recommended).
  • You will be able to communicate with the physical world using ‘voice chat’. Text chat and avatar names are not visible in the physical installation.
  • Second Life is being projected on a large screen in ‘Stereo 3D’. Your avatar will appear ‘life sized’ and ‘floating within’ the physical gallery space. As such, only a certain number of people can be accommodated at a time, and avatars should not be TOO large (but creativity is welcome!)
  • The Herbert is rated ‘general’. The physical audience can include children. We ask you dress and moderate behaviour accordingly.
To access the 'live area' you will need to apply for membership of the EXTRACT / INSERT group.
Please contact Ian Pahute or Joff Fassnacht in world for details of being part of this experience.

This is a very fun, and dare I say historic, exhibition - do join in the fun! The live exhibit will close 25 November.

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