Thursday, September 20, 2012

JJccc Coronet - Art on LEA 17

JJcccArt Located at LEA 17

This Colourful artistic build has a bit of me in it going back 30 years, Since I started to create art I have produced a lot of art that is now in second life some of it now exists in the gallery space at lower level. In the middle side of the sim there is a space I built based on a video La Roux - Bulletproof thought it would be fun to build this

The sim build is loosely based from a song by Knife Party - Centipede

To the left of the sim is an industrial complex I built in real life it kinda looks like it but there are differences made for second life

The entire sim is populated by avatar eating sharks and very large alligators some of which will eat you and lots of butterfly eating crows, they just bite

If you fall into the centre of the sim there is a para chute dispenser and a high speed ejection seat under water loads of fun

On the right hand side of the sim there is a moted  very colourful area with a DREAM ball worth clicking on as it will take you on a journey, you may need to change your under pants after

 Hope you enjoy the sim, because I get bored easily and I fully intend to change the sim. So keep coming back as its will definitely change in the future

Bio In real life I am an industrial architect for 35 years
Like to make youtube videos fun
In second life owned 3 art sims started 6 years ago so I am definitely crazy

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