Thursday, August 9, 2012


[Kou!] on LEA23, by Eupalinos Ugajin 

Challenge yourself with a full-sim art project. 

Manifest your artistic vision by taking the first step - apply for an LEA land grant before August 15th, and you might be selected to become an artist-in-residience starting September 1st!

So if your application is accepted, what can you expect? What are the possibilities?

You'll receive a full sim (15,000 prims) for a period of 6 months. You'll be assigned a liaison as your main LEA contact, to help you maximize your experience as an artist-in-residence at LEA. You'll have four months to realize your project, and two months to have your own openings, and participate in an LEA wide festival in February.

You'll meet other artists working on LEA sims, and you can choose to collaborate with other creators, you can give a talk at the School of Virtual Art, you can hold tours of your exhibit, request a machinima be made of your exhibit and possibly screened at MoMAC, you can apply to have your exhibit on the SL Destination Guide, and most importantly you can challenge yourself to grow as an artist.

Don't just reach for the stars, create the sky. Create the entire landscape. Commit to being an innovator, and realize your artistic vision - and invite the virtual world to come see. Apply now.

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