Sunday, April 15, 2012

TODAY: Live Mesh Tools Streaming w/ Kazuhiro Aridian

On Sunday April 15, at NOON Kazuhiro Aridian will give a LIVE stream demonstration of mesh construction, unwrapping, texturing and 2D digital painting.  You might remember Kaz's talk at Burn, a discussion of construction techniques of that amazing stage.  However this time, it's all about mesh, and with live voice and demonstration!

Kaz's latest mesh creation, Plains of Scyn'lai, is currently being built on LEA17, and is the first part of a bioscene series to be completed on Kaz's home sim. Plains of Scyn'lai will be exhibited on LEA17 until May 1.

The live demonstration however, is a one-time affair on April 15 at NOON - you don't want to miss this LIVE interactive demonstration, from a respected artist known for originality, artistic talent and 3D chops.  A sketched face will go from the page to 3D right before your eyes.

You can read more about it on the ArtScreamer 'blog, or on Kaz' tumblr.

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