Friday, March 9, 2012

One Last Dance - Aequitas Field of View

Last chance to support the arts in Second Life.

It is up to you. Here is your chance to show your art at LEA.

Staff will be on hand for irreverent banter and nonsensical commentary.

Visit LEA26 this Friday night and share your views in the form of a texture added to the texture boxes in the Field of View exhibition.

When - Friday March 3rd. 3pm (or whenever you can make it)
Where - Aequitas Field of View at LEA 26,

What - Once there you will see a bunch of boxes with pictures flashing on the top.  If you hold the control key on your keyboard you can drag a picture from your inventory in to as many of the boxes as you want.  The script inside will recognize the picture and it will flash on the top of the box with the others.

Aequitas wishes to thank the Lindens and LEA staff for the opportunity and support.

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