Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wandering Goddess Explores 'The Order Of Perception' by Harter Fall

A photo-tour of the recent 'Order of Perception' exhibit by Harter Fall. Must be experienced to be believed!
See the Photo Tour Now
Teleport to the Exhibit Now


  1. The photo tour is not available for puplic view, whether with or without using my Flickr account.

  2. Hmmm..not sure is set for public...unless its a 'safe filter' issue...checking....maybe your own safesearch settings are preventing access?..will look into it.....(thanks for bringing it to my attention!0

    Meanwhile, here is the slideshow of that set (hopefully that works!)

  3. It looks fine to me, with safesearch on, you can still click the big blue button shown there to view the photo set anyways...

  4. Maybe I found the reason for having no access to the photo tour. The content filter FAQ of Flickr states: "If your login ID is based in Germany or Romania you are not able to view restricted content due to your local Terms of Service."

    Since I'm from Germany, all I can see is this (also for the 2nd link to the photo set).

    But thanks for trying to help :)

  5. oh yes its true, Flickr has that issue in Germany and Romania....I apologize for that...Ill try to reside the photos in another place

  6. I feel bad about it, so I also posted the photos here:

  7. The Google page is working for me :)

    Thank you for posting again. Nice photos. The structure with the black & white pattern is new for me. Time for another visit.