Monday, February 13, 2012

ArtGyro Gets a Boost

ArtGyro is a project to bring people together to share concerns and ideas for sustainability in SL arts. Organizer FreeWee Ling has been talking with many key people about the issues for several months, quietly building support before launching the first open meeting. On Saturday 11 February roughly 25 artists, presenters, and others, gathered at the ArtGyro kiva meeting space on LEA18. The full transcript is on the ArtGyro website. The group is just beginning to gather momentum and the intense discussion from Saturday was very energizing. While it seemed somewhat chaotic at times, this was, in fact, exactly the process that was hoped for. In just over an hour's time we voiced many issues and were able to identify three primary tracks: Commerce, Intellectual Property, and Legacy; though there was definite crossover among all three categories.

Within the commerce thread, issues ranged from artist/gallery relationships to how to price art, to the cost of land and the viability of art spaces. Intellectual property issues included digital rights management, creator vs. Linden Lab rights, and the implications to value and price of setting various permission options. Legacy issues were largely focused on the desire for a repository of important work that is being lost due to prim limits and costs.

We are planning to hold regular meetings to continue these discussions, each meeting to focus on one of these tracks. The next meeting will be Saturday, 18 February, at 8:00AM SLT at the ArtGyro sim and will be focused on the Commerce track. A short list of questions distilled from the last meeting will frame the conversation and will be distributed ahead of the meeting via ArtGyro, LEA and other group notices, and on the ArtGyro website. Contact FreeWee Ling for details.

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