Friday, January 27, 2012

On Thin Ice by Chic Aeon

Official Opening February 1, 2012   12 - 1 PM

Gallery meets exploratorium in an interactive journey with a reminder that as nations, individuals and species we are each day -- walking on thin ice.

Corridors twist and turn leading visitors on a personal and sometimes interactive adventure.

Nine galleries filled with sculpture, word clouds, machinima and poetry tell a story of where we are and the choices we face.

Choose a Roman Numeral to start your journey or grab a box of landmarks at the ground level ice flow.

Galleries include:

1 - Party at the End of the World (machinima)
2 - Finding My Way to Connection
3 - Do You See Me?
4 - The Last Rose (gift and photo op)
5 - Chained to Our Perspective
6 - Acid Rain (gift and photo op)
7 - Shadow Dancers (interactive)
8 - Teeter Totter
9 - Reprise

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