Wednesday, March 14, 2018

LEA29 - Gem Preiz presents DEMIURGE, opening March 15th at 2pm SLT


This exhibition follows  SAPIENS, presented in January 2018, and which will remain open until the end of June, 2018

SAPIENS ended on the vision of the Man understanding his universe and learning to dominate it.

In DEMIURGE, the Man becomes creative and shapes his environment, for the good or for the evil.

The installation consists in 3 parts, each one built on a sim-wide space, evoking the past, the present, and the future. 

- The "Past", made in the mood of the " dream of the architect ", accumulates in a unique vision the inheritance of many periods and regions. Human vestiges show here and there how high was the price paid for these glorious testimonies of the History. Certain monuments host fractals which the visitor will discover in the course of the exploration. The biggest exhibition hall contains also a teleport spot leading to the following place.

- Between an idealized Past and the promise of radiant and asepticized Future, the "Present" displays a symbolic vision of the current life conditions of more than 50% of mankind, obtained at the cost of the depletion of natural resources and the endangerment of our common planet. The exhibition hall shelters two series of fractals (the one resuming the theme of wild urbanization, the other one evoking the seek for progress, modernity and the conquest of new spaces) as well as the teleport spot towards the last place.

- using pure lines and vertiginous skyscrapers, the "Future" finally gives a stylised representation of a connected futuristic world already announced by all westernized big cities skylines and business downtowns. Under the exhibition geode, visitors will meet with what could be the future of the Man, ultimate stage of his development or price to pay for this aseptized future, everyone will judge about it. In the same place, a teleport spot will bring visitors back to the welcome hall.


Overall, the installation contains 32 high-resolution fractals, each one made of several plates carefully stuck together. Some of them have already been displayed on Secondlife, in various other exhibitions. I intentionally re-used them, in a sepia-colored version, as being part of my own past.

 How to visit

Comply with the settings recommendations for a better visit :

- graphics « High » or even « Ultra »  if possible

- Windlight : from the opening of "Demiurge" until end of June, default windlight mode is positioned on "Realistic 6 pm", which I recommend as one of the best windlight for the ground environment. However, I recommend changing the windlight according to the information given in local chat when arriving on the other places "Past", "Present" and "Future". But as other windlights give interesting results, I invite you to test some by yourselves.

- Particles Maximum

- Draw distance: minimum 500, maximum 700. to be set depending on the neighbouring sims builds.

Use double click to reposition yourself is so you wish


Turn your stream on for the music, composed of the following pieces :
- Provenance (Trevor de Maere)
- Interval (Ninja Tracks)
- Splinter (Ninja Tracks)
- Conduit (Ninja Tracks)
- In the end (Marcus Wagner)

Enjoy your visit


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