Friday, March 16, 2018

LEA24 ~ Eidola ~ by Livio Korobase has opened

Pythagoras ( believed that we could see because the eye emits rays of light,  and that these rays gave the viewer information about colour and shape.

By contrast, Democritus ( believed that every object emits numerous replicas of itself., called eidola (singular: eidolon). He believed these eidola entered the eyes of anyone looking at an object, allowing them to see it..

Leonardo da Vinci ( was equally fascinated by vision. Although his ideas changed over time, he broadly believed in an infinite rain of rays coming from every direction, which were translated by the eye - a simple structure of two concentric spheres - so that we could perceive and understand shape and colours in the things around us.

However, it was Johannes Kepler ( who, in 1604, offered the first theory of the retinal image as we now understand it.
Meanwhile, Gestaltism ( attempts to explain that perception goes beyond the sensory elements, and the brain does more than just assemble the pieces.

My work is an attempt to put a little 'order among these many different ideas' to try to understand if all this information is valid even in a virtual world. I do not have the answer, maybe someone finds it.

The installation is inspired by Ruggero Pierantoni's book, "L'Occhio e l'idea" (Boringhieri 1981). Like the book, it is organised into five chapters, each one taking its title from the index of the book.

To fully experience this installation, visitors should have a basic understanding of how to use the viewer's camera (e.g. ALT-left mouse button to rotate the camera), and should follow the path. For those who might be short of time, teleports are available, connecting the chapters. 

Enjoy your visit!

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