Thursday, April 21, 2016

PopUpArt Event at 5th Dimension

                    ●  ●  ●   The 5 Dimension Group ●  ●  ● 
                  Betty Tureaud, Tansee, Mandel Solano ,Gem Preiz
                              Invite 100 Artists to Participate 
                             ●  5D Pop Up Art Event  ● 
                                    In Support of SL Arts
                     $10,000L is given to the best 3D Pop Up Art
                                        on the show
         PopUpARt  is a Display of 100 "Dots" located at The 5D               
   4 Sim Artist Platform~ LEA 26,27,28,29  on Display for 30 days 
                Beginning June 1 with an opening event.
         PopUpArt is Rezzed  and Displayed by Visitors "Walking" 
                           on your Own Personalized  "Dot"   

        IM Betty Tureaud or Tansee Today to Reserve your  "Dot"
           And Get a "PopUpArt Kit" with Instructions & Guidelines 
                            Visit The PopUpArt Platform Here
                             LEA26, LEA27, LEA28, LEA29

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