Wednesday, April 20, 2016

LEA10 The Oracle By Asmita Duranjaya

 The Oracle is another tale in the cycle of stories around the exo-city CyberPolis. Presented in a hud-book, it is told from the perspective of researcher Lisa Sheldrake, whose report guides the visitors of the sim LEA10 through a game.
The full-sim-installation can also be experienced without game or story, simply as an art-park with forests of stunning 3D-fractals and the maze can be seen as a subterranean art gallery with flat fractal-pictures. The color-scheme of yellow-orange-red is predominant and the visitor can stroll around or fly in a fractal blossom, listening to ambient music.
 6 letters and 7 gifts have to be claimed inside and outside of a central maze until the solution word is found and the door to the oracle in the middle of the sim can be opened.

On April 24th please join us at LEA10 for the amazing music of Michael K Iwoleit while the talented Asmita Duranjaya paints with partials creating a vision of splendor for us all to enjoy!
This is a visual preview of the live-event on LEA10 on 24th of April at 1pm SLT

It will continue the story of researcher Lisa Sheldrake to find the secrets of the urban planetary system CyberPolis.
This time anthropologist will discover an old oracle. Her story will guide the visitors through a maze and help them to communicate with an alien species and at last with the oracle itself.

   LEA10: Another Tale of CyberPolis - The Oracle by Asmita Duranjaya
A sim wide immersive and interactive art-installation based on gaming and storytelling.

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